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Belt, Ply, and Extrusion Width Monitor

The Belt, Ply, and Extrusion Width Monitor is a general-purpose width measurement system configured for tire manufacturing components such as fabric plies, steel cord breakers, and rubber extrusions. The system utilizes Starrett-Bytewise line laser sensors. Multiple sensors are pre-mounted onto a steel back plate to form a line array. The system measures component width from the top side and can easily measure components carried on a belt or roller conveyor. No backlighting is required as the sensors have an on-board laser line light source. Systems are complete with an electrical cabinet housing an IPC and touchscreen monitor. Systems are customized according to requirements for minimum and maximum width and accuracy.

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  • The One-Sided Measurement System measures components on a belt conveyor with no back-lighting
  • The Run mode feature is an operational mode that allows the system to run but no changes can be made to the program
  • The Communication Interface communicates measure values to external systems by Modbus TCP or OPC Server
  • Alarm Option features an alarm with red/yellow/green light tower with horn
  • The Registration feature provides fast and easy automatic calibration and alignment checking
  • The Matching feature measures the profile to the design template (CAD file)
  • The Multiple Profile Matching feature automatically matches multiple profiles that move independently
  • The Sub-Region Matching feature matches partial segments of flexible profiles to a CAD template independently
  • The Measurement Display feature displays real time value, trend chart, cp, cpk, mean, and histogram
  • The Report Printing feature prints a Quality Report for each run


  • Made in America: Yes
  • Product Size (Width): 200mm
  • Product Type: PBEWM-200
  • Field-of-View, Width Per Side: Customized
  • Accuracy Width: 0.31mm
  • Repeatability (3s): 0.10mm
  • Laser Frequency, Maximum: 14Hz
  • Exposure Time, Typical: 0.03 sec
  • Current at 230V: 5A
  • Laser Classification, CDRH: IIIa
  • Laser Classification, IEC: 3R
  • Low Voltage Directive: Yes
  • EMC Directive: Yes
  • Machinery Directive: Yes

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